Admiral Arthur W. Radford High School

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Breakfast and Lunch – Pre-Payment/Debit Only

Radford High School uses MEAL TRACKER. This is a computerized pre-payment/debit system.
An account will be established for each student and they will be issued a personal photo ID with
a barcode and pin number.  If an ID is lost or stolen, students must notify school officials as soon
as possible.  All necessary steps will be taken to protect the account.

To deposit money into the MEAL TRACKER account, insert payment (please make checks out
to "DOE-Lunch"), print all necessary information on envelopes provided at the main office, and
place into the drop box through the office side window.  On school days, it will take up to 24 hours
for deposits to be inputted into MEAL TRACKER, so plan accordingly.

Radford High School does NOT provide lunch money loans.                        
$20.00 by check – full pay students
$5.00 – reduced pay students
(School Policy: No checks accepted after March 1.  
Cash payments only)
Breakfast Prices
Regular Student breakfast $1.10        Reduced price breakfast $0.30        Second & subsequent breakfast $2.20
Price increase for SY15-16:  Regular breakfast $1.20        Reduced price breakfast $0.30        Second & subsequent breakfast $2.40

Lunch Prices (midday meals are considered lunches)
Regular Student lunch $2.50        Reduced price lunch $0.40        Second & subsequent lunch $5.00
Price increase for SY15-16:  Regular lunch $2.75        Reduced price lunch $0.40        Second & subsequent lunch $5.50

Please be advised!!! Students who purchase meals for their friends will be paying the Second breakfast or lunch price listed above. We discourage students from buying for their friends or loaning their card to others, but they do.  Please speak to your child about responsible use of their meal tracker account. You may inquire about your child’s account activity if you feel that there has been suspicious behavior occurring.

FREE AND REDUCED STUDENTS: Each student is entitled to ONE breakfast (before 8am) and
ONE lunch either a recess meal OR a noontime meal
Any 2nd meal is at full price -- $2.20 breakfast/$5.00 lunch
Therefore, if a student plans on having a 2nd meal a deposit needs to be made.

To apply for FREE or REDUCED PRICE meals you must submit a NEW APPLICATION and you must re-apply every year.   The quickest way to do this is at  You may pick up an application in the front office.   Please complete and sign the application form and return it to in the front office, or by mail.  Paper applications take may many weeks to process, so we suggest you use the website instead.

1.  Income means: ALL income received regularly, that is weekly, monthly, etc. It does not include special allowances such as combat pay, clothing allowances or reenlistment bonuses. This shall include ALL wages from ALL wage earners living in the home on a regular basis.
2.  One form can be used for ALL of your children who are attending public school in Hawaii.
3.  No application will be approved without; Signature, Social Security number and (being) completely filled out.

For questions or concerns please call 421-4200.

Radford High School does NOT provide lunch money loans.