Every Student MUST have a signed Internet Permission Form on file!

Going Tech at Radford

Radford is working hard to have our students become 21st Century Learners.  We are providing all students with a Google for Education account and many teachers are utilizing it within their classes.  Radford will implement the 1:1 program in various classrooms which will have sets of Chromebooks for instructional use.  Our goal is to have all classrooms with this technology in a few years.  Please help your child benefit by learning with these tools and submit approval through a signed Internet Permission Forms.

Currently the Department of Education or DOE guidelines packet is called the Technology Responsible Use Guidelines or TRUG.  The TRUG is for students and parents who are requesting the use and access of Department of Education computers, Internet (only with school equipment) and a Google account.  Please carefully read the four pages of the document.  

Signing the DOE Technology Responsible Use Form acknowledges agreement to the guidelines and thus allows the student to use the school's technology.  Without the signatures, the student will not be allowed on computers or given an account.  The Radford Signature Page is for contact and filing purposes as well as allowing parents to request restrictions on their child's use and display of information online.  This form also explains the life of the Google account and consequences of equipment damage.

Please read the Guidelines attached below and print out the Internet Permission Form, complete both pages and turn in to the office.  Copies are available in the front office if you would like to pick one up.  If you have not submitted a form since Sept 2016, you need to submit a new form.  If you plan on registering your child at Radford, these forms are in the registration packet.

Thank you and your help is much appreciated to getting Radford closer to the goal of helping your child become a 21st Century Learner.