1. What is the best way to ensure my child’s credits transfer?
    • Obtain previous school’s documents in hard copy format. Print and bring IEPs, 504s, transcripts (including 8th grade for classes like Algebra 1, Geometry, and Honors Biology), GT Identification, National Honor Society membership ID
    • Bring or have access to all course descriptions or registration guides from previous schools
    • Be aware State of Hawaii DOE uses a .5 credit system and will not accept .25 credit classes.  Your child's counselor will work with you to see how these credits can be applied.

  2. Typically what credits do not transfer?
    • P.E. and Health are separate classes in Hawaii.  Your child's counselor will work with you to determine which credit to award based on your child's previous course.
    • Athletics, JROTC does not count towards PE in Hawaii.  If the previous school counted these classes as PE it must be written in the registration guide of that school for credit to be awarded.
    • Pre AP classes are not weighted in the State of Hawaii DOE.  This is a new change to Pre AP and Honors courses.

  3. How should my child best choose courses to take at Radford?
  4. How does my child get involved in clubs and activities?
  5. How do I ensure my child gets the support they need?
    • Be proactive and bring more documents if you have them! Let us know how we can support your child in school.
    • If your child is eligible for Special Education services please be sure to hand carry the IEP and most recent evaluation and eligibility.  If you have specific questions about transferring to Hawaii with an IEP you may contact Lisa Johnstone.  Ph: 808-421-4200 x 240; Email: [email protected].
    • If your child is eligible for a 504 accommodation plan please be sure to hand carry the 504 and most recent evaluation and eligibility.  Your child's counselor will assist you in the 504 process once you register at Radford High School.
    • Each new student and family meet with their counselor to register at Radford.  This is a good time to share important information the school should be aware of regarding your child and their needs.  Counselors are also available for parent or parent/teacher conferences.  Talk to the counselors and let us know what works to help transition your child to Radford.
    • We have a Transition Center created specifically for our students moving here!
    • Use tutor.com: It's an online tutoring and homework help for U.S. military and their families provided 24/7 at no cost by the U.S. Department of Defense and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance.

  6. If my student is struggling to adjust, who do I contact?
    • These two groups are specific for Military Families:
      • MFLC: Military and Family Life Counselors - Free confidential counseling for military families (8:00 AM to 6:00 PM)
        On Campus: Amy Sorensen
        Erica Threet: 808-319-3482
        Jessica Wood: 808-796-4520
        Jeff Mclebowski: 571-835-6365
        Email [email protected]

      • ASACS: Adolescent Support and Counseling Services Counselor Mary Schwing 808-644-9944

    • These groups are open to all students:
      • Counselors:
        Behavioral Health Specialists Erin Macedonio x239 & Chrystalline Sagario x238
        Counselor (students with last name A-E) Krislyn Hara x237
        Counselor (students with last name F-Li) George Sumida x234
        Counselor (students with last name Ll-R) Susie Honda x233
        Counselor (students with last name S-Z and AVID students) Pohai Aquino x235 
        Student Service Coordinator Lisa Johnstone x240
        College and Career Counselor Malia Kau x 236 or during school closure: 484-854-3171

      • Assistant Principals:
        Assistant Principal (students with last name A-E) Trisha Toyama-Wakumoto x228
        Assistant Principal (students with last name F-Li) Richard Shimabukuro x225
        Assistant Principal (students with last name Ll-R) Danelle Huddy x272
        Assistant Principal (students with last name S-Z) Tyler Brown x229

  7. How does my child get involved in athletics?
    • A State of Hawaii Athletic Sports Physical is required to participate! They must also turn in a Concussion Management document. Both of these can be found on our Athletics Website.

  8. How can I help support the school?
    • Join PTSA and come to support us at any concert, games, and school wide activities.
    • Complete Federal Survey IMPACT AID cards in a timely manner.

  9. How does the school communicate with families?
    • Sign up for Infinite Campus
    • Update contact information with registrar
    • Read the monthly newsletter The Admiral
    • Frequent emails
    • Download the Radford App
    • Check our website for updates!
    • Occasional call outs for big reminders!