Counseling Center

Welcome to the Radford Counseling Center!
The goal of the Counseling Department is to provide support to students who are in need of assistance in resolving academic, behavioral, emotional, social, or psychological problems. A college/career counselor is also available to assist students in college and career planning.
If a student has a concern, he/she fills out a "Request to See Counselor" form and gives it back to the teacher. The student can also bring the form directly to the appropriate counselor in the Counseling Center.
Each year senior parent conferences are held during the month of August to discuss senior students’ credits, post high school plans, diploma information and problem areas, if any exist.
Speakers from mainland and local colleges and universities, all branches of the military and various occupations visit Radford High School throughout the school year. Information about these speakers is distributed weekly or monthly in a counseling center bulletin and the school's daily bulletin. College catalogs and career resources are available in the College and Career Resource Center, Room 131.
Parents who want to discuss their child’s development with either teacher and/or counselor may call the appropriate counselor to make an appointment.