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Radford Discipline

Students at Radford High School (RHS) will comply with federal, state, and county statutes, Department of Education (DOE) policies and regulations, and school rules and directives. Those students who infringe upon rights of others and whose conduct violates established rules and regulations shall be disciplined on an individual basis by the administration. For each disciplinary case, the student will give his/her version of the incident in question, either orally or in writing. The administration will then inform the student as to the results of the school’s investigation and render a decision in the case. The administrator’s decision shall be final and disciplinary action meted out shall be in the form of counseling, detention, suspension, dismissal, and/or police referral. Parents shall be informed by the administration when deemed necessary. Chapter 19 on Student Misconduct, Discipline and Reporting Offenses shall be in effect.
The most important premise of any effective discipline program is a fair, realistic, consistent, and constructive code. Its main purpose is corrective action. It also serves to separate students who demonstrate a threat to the health, safety, and rights of others from those who pursue an education. Disciplinary action will be in accordance with students’ rights, Chapter 19, and the DOE. The full text of Chapter 19 is available for public inspection in the school office during working hours