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Students have access to a Google account and can use designated computers if a current  permission form has been signed and on record. Signing of the Technology Responsible Use Form (TRUF), otherwise known as Radford's Internet Agreement, ensures that students have agreed to adhere to all the guidelines relating to HIDOE-owned Digital Devices, Network, and Internet Services as stated by the Hawaii State Department of Education.
Here are a few items students should take note of:
  • When leaving Radford, students should save or transfer emails and files they wish to keep. Students will have access for 90 days after graduation and transferring students will have 30 days after withdrawal.
  • Technology Use is a Privilege, not a Right
  • HIDOE reserves the right to monitor all activities by students on HIDOE-owned devices, networks, and internet. This includes student email and stored files in any school issued accounts as well. HIDOE retains the discretion to alert appropriate law enforcement authorities of suspected illegal activity. 
  • Parents/guardians of a student who is found responsible for the loss, destruction, breakage, or damage of school equipment may be required to pay for the repair or replacement of the equipment. Radford charges a maximum of $100 per incident. Outstanding bills will become school obligations.

After reading the Technology Responsible Use Guidelines (TRUG), please print and fill out this 2-page form:

Technology Responsible Use Form (Radford's Internet Agreement)