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Code of Ethics

Radford Code of Ethics
This I Believe...

  • Knowing that all my actions reflect upon myself, my parents, school, and nation, I as a Radford student must:
  • Have a high and permanent code of honor governing all things I do, for by raising my standards, I raise the standards of my school and country.
  • Dress neatly and appropriately for all occasions for neatness inspires pride.
  • Show my loyalty and support to those people in positions of leadership, for they are devoting their lives to guide us.
  • Feel that a really "big" person is one who has high goals and ideals that he will define and follow no matter what!
  • Try to respect all other people and their property in such a way as I would like to be respected because freedom for me means freedom for others!
  • THINK before acting, for one little deed may have far-reaching effects.
  • Broaden my experiences and help others by participating in school and community activities.
  • Realize that for my own sake and that of others, I should obey all rules set down by those in authority.
  • Know that showing pride in my school may be exemplified by protecting its grounds and reputation.
  • See that I, as a teenager, will conduct myself in such a manner as to be an asset to the community.
  • Try to be spiritually and morally righteous.
  • Ambitiously pursue knowledge from many sources in order to be a wise and well-informed adult.
  • Live every day the very best I know how and make an effort to improve myself in at least one small way every day.

By accomplishing the above, I will be able to respect myself as well as others.