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Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

Students are expected to be in their assigned seat or area when the tardy bell rings.

Students are expected to be prepared, participate in each class, have the necessary class materials, and complete class work and homework accurately and on time.

Students are to demonstrate self-control in the classroom. A student's behavior must not interfere with the education of others. Students are expected to keep hands, feet and other objects to themselves.

Students are expected to use appropriate language. No swearing, gestures, cruel remarks, or "put downs."

Students are expected to wear appropriate school attire, including shirts and footwear. No printed words or images relating to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, gangs, or obscenities will be allowed. (see dress code below)

Students are expected to treat all property belongings to the school and others with care. No destruction or defacing of school or individual property will be tolerated.

Students are expected to contribute to a safe school environment free from fear. Acts of violence, weapons, facsimiles of weapons, controlled substances, and contraband are not acceptable.

Students are expected to follow teacher directions, comply with all school rules, and obey all laws.

Students in violation will perform community service. Continued violation will result in suspension for insubordination. Missed class work will be at teacher's discretion.