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Contraband Items
In our efforts to ensure a safe learning environment for our students, faculty and staff, please take note of the following concerns*.  Radford High School students are expected to follow these guidelines at all DOE sponsored events. Contraband articles include, but are not limited to: 
Guns: Actual or replicas of any type, including water guns
Weapons: Of any type: guns, knives, clubs, throwing stars, nun chucks, chains (no longer than 18”, links no bigger than ¼”), Etc.
Communication Devices: Cellular phones and accessories (allowed before school starts and after the dismissal bell in the afternoon)
Electronic Devices: Radios, audio recorders, headphones, earphones, speakers, IPads, PSP and the like
Hazards and other concerns: Alcohol, tobacco, electronic cigarettes or vaping devices, lighters, matches, fireworks, spiked jewelry, dice, animals, gambling devices, any type of cards, pornographic material
Clothing: Headbands, undershirts, doo-rags, and bandanas are not allowed. Also, any clothing with designs that promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, or gangs such as personalized caps, hats, t-shirts, etc are also considered contraband. Comb picks are not to be worn in hair.
*All contraband items will be confiscated and turned in to the respective Vice-Principal. Repeat violations will result in suspension/consequences for insubordination, subject to the discretion of the Administrator. RHS will not be responsible for the recovery or replacement of lost or stolen contraband items.