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Contraband Items
In our efforts to ensure a safe learning environment for our students, faculty and staff, please take note of the following concerns*.  Radford High School students are expected to follow these guidelines at all DOE sponsored events. Contraband articles include, but are not limited to: 
  • Guns: Actual or replicas of any type, including water guns
  • Weapons: Of any type: guns, knives, clubs, throwing stars, nun chucks, chains (no longer than 18”, links no bigger than ¼”), Etc.
  • Communication Devices: Cellular phones and accessories (allowed before school starts and after the dismissal bell in the afternoon)
  • Electronic Devices: Radios, audio recorders, headphones, earphones, speakers, IPads, PSP and the like
  • Hazards and other concerns: Alcohol, tobacco, electronic cigarettes or vaping devices, lighters, matches, fireworks, spiked jewelry, dice, animals, gambling devices, any type of cards, pornographic material
  • Clothing: Headbands, undershirts, doo-rags, and bandanas are not allowed. Also, any clothing with designs that promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, or gangs such as personalized caps, hats, t-shirts, etc are also considered contraband. Comb picks are not to be worn in hair.
*All contraband items will be confiscated and turned in to the respective Vice-Principal. Repeat violations will result in suspension/consequences for insubordination, subject to the discretion of the Administrator. RHS will not be responsible for the recovery or replacement of lost or stolen contraband items.

Over the Counter Drug Guidelines

Over the Counter (OTC) Drugs include all medication that can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription.

  • POSSESSION, USE, and DOSAGE of OTC DRUGS:  RHS students may, with the approval of their parent, possess a ONE day's supply of any OTC drug.  Students must adhere to the recommended dosage on the box or container and must take no more than this dosage.
  • DISTRIBUTION:  Under no circumstances are students allowed to distribute or sell OTC Drugs and Medications to other students.
  • CONSEQUENCES FOR NON COMPLIANCE:  Consequences for non-compliance with these guidelines will be determined by the RHS Administration, on a case by case basis, and in accordance with Chapter 19.