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Drug-Free School

Vision Statement: DRUG FREE SCHOOL

Our vision for a drug-free Radford High School is that our students will be socially competent, possessing qualities of responsiveness, flexibility, empathy, and caring. Students will effectively communicate with peers, school staff, parents and community members. Students will use appropriate problem solving skills including the ability to think abstractly, reflectively, critically, and flexibly.

Radford Rams will possess a belief in their own unique identities and the ability to act independently with a sense of their potential to exert some control over their environment. They will demonstrate a sense of purpose, goal orientation and achievement motivation as they progress toward a fulfilling future.

Drug Intervention Program
A comprehensive alcohol education program has been established to reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption. Alternative and intramural programs serve students of moderate-to-high risk. The participation in school programs will improve self-esteem, provide more meaningful recreational time and promote peer interaction. School programs will include extracurricular activities and specific drug education programs in Health/Guidance and PE.

A drug use survey overview indicates 27 percent of sophomores and 21 percent of seniors are students at "high risk." These students do not participate in school activities. They have low self esteem and lead troubled home lives. Eighty-two percent of sophomores and 73 percent of seniors have used alcohol. One-third of sophomores and seniors indicated "high" use.

We will:
  1. Continue to encourage and support the implementation of prevention and early intervention programs.
  2. Continue to expand and encourage parent involvement, staff training in schools, and networking with our communities in all of our drug free efforts through the in-service of all parties.
  3. Expand tobacco, alcohol, and other drug education programs to strongly emphasize the relationship of these gate way substances to illicit drug use.
  4. Continue to promote a ZERO tolerance policy.

On Campus Services

(Adolescent Substance Abuse Counseling Service) is a school and community-based, free, voluntary, and confidential service provided by the Army Center for Substance Abuse Programs (ACSAP.) ASACS offers Prevention Education and Counseling services to individuals and their families. Parents can contact an ASACS Counselor to discuss concerns, gain parent support, and receive a referral to other services when appropriate. Teens can seek ASACS counseling and prevention at our school office in room 191 on RHS campus, or at our off-campus offices located at Aliamanu Military Reservation (AMR) Community Center or at Schofield Barracks. ASACS Counseling services include: initial screening/assessment, early intervention and outpatient levels of care. 

ASACS Counselors for Radford High School are on campus daily:
M,W,TH- Ms. Mary Schwing LMFT, CSAC
T,F- Ms. Linda Lassiter LMHC, CAS
office: 655-9944

Hina Mauka/ Teen Care Center
- Room 153, 421-4200 x286

TEEN CARE is a school-based substance abuse treatment program, open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM. It is staffed by two substance abuse counselors. Students can use the program through self-referral, peer-referral, and administration placements. Treatment runs through a sixteen-week course that includes individual and group sessions, and field trips. Treatment is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL...

Sources for Drug-Related Assistance

Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii
Prevention Resource Center
1130 N. Nimitz Hwy., Ste A259

Kahi Mohala Hospital
91-2301 Fort Weaver Road

Habilitat Inc.
45-035 Kuhonu Place

Drug Demand Reduction Counselor (more information below)
655 Vickers Avenue
Hickam AFB, HI

Drug Demand Reduction Program Hickam Air Force Base Hawaii

The drug demand reduction program coordinator conducts anti-drug educational programs for active duty military and civilian employees working on Hickam Air Force Base and well as spouses and children of military members. In addition we provide training in area elementary, intermediate and high schools on an as requested basis.

Training is also available for individuals and families who wish to learn more about drug abuse origins, symptoms and treatment aspects. This training is geared to the specific needs of the families and is presented using a wide range of support literature, videos and guest speakers who are experts in specific areas of prevention.

By utilizing the military and Tricare Health Center systems we are able to make appropriate referrals which will best assist military beneficiaries who might be experiencing a substance abuse problem. The program also serves as a focal point for answering questions that concerned parents and children may have about a specific drug.

Our services are at no cost to military dependents and we will assist civilians, when possible, in accessing care with the local community. If you have questions, need information or are seeking a referral, contact individual counselor at 808-449-5892.

We are located at 655 Vickers Ave. on Hickam Air Force Base.
Office hours are Monday-Friday 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM.