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Punctuality Program

Radford Punctuality Program

Staff Beliefs
  1. The purpose of our PUNCTUALITY PROGRAM is to develop self-discipline that will benefit students now and in the future.
  2. All students will learn to be on time and will be able to accept the consequences for being late.
  3. A small number of punctuality rules will be communicated to our students.
  4. Teachers have the flexibility to augment the basic rules of our PUNCTUALITY PROGRAM.
  5. Punctuality rules shall be consistently enforced and consequences shall be consistently applied.
  6. Teachers will handle punctuality conflicts with students in a professional manner.

Facets of the Punctuality Program
  1. Teachers agree that tardiness means "a student is not in his/her classroom when the tardy bell rings."
  2. Teachers and administrators will model punctuality.
  3. Teachers will stand outside their classroom and, in a positive manner, encourage students to be on time.
  4. Teachers will begin purposeful instruction immediately to encourage promptness.
  5. Students who have no tardies will receive positive recognition.
  6. Parents of students who have two tardies in any one class will be called by the teacher.
  7. Teachers will refer to the appropriate counselor those students who have 4 tardies.
  8. Students who have 6 tardies in any one class will be referred to the Vice Principal by the teacher, and appropriate consequences will be imposed.
  9. Parents will be informed by phone call of the PUNCTUALITY PROGRAM and the consequences for tardies.
  10. Parents will be encouraged to actively support the PUNCTUALITY PROGRAM.
  11. Parents agree to get their children to school on time.
  12. The administration will implement periodic "LOCKOUTS."
  13. 1st Period Tardies: Students who are tardy to school must come to the cafeteria where they will be issued a pass to class, held in "lockout," assigned detention and/or referred to the administration where they may be suspended: The Dean of Students will be in the cafeteria until 8:30 AM. After that time he/she will be in his/her office in the Counseling Center. Students who arrive after 8:30 AM should go to the Counseling Center. All students who are tardy need the Dean of Student's signature to be admitted to class.
  14. Students on campus without a timely pass will be assigned detention or suspension.