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Student Parking

Student Parking
  • Students may only park in the student parking lot.
  • Students must have a decal visibly posted on the rear view mirror of their automobile. Cars without decals will be towed away at owners' expense.
  • Gates will be locked at 7:55 AM and opened on the hour and half hour, during lunch and after school.
  • The student parking lot is off limits during school hours.
  • Only right turns are permitted when exiting the student parking lot.
  • Violators will not be allowed to drive on campus.
  • Privileges may be revoked at any time by the Administration.
  • Decal is good for the whole school year.
Decals may be purchased in the office for $20.00.
To purchase a decal, students need to come to the front office after school from Monday through Friday.  Students will need their driver's license, valid safety check, registration, insurance card and $20.00.  A separate decal must be purchased for each car a student drives to school.  Please contact Mrs. Castelo in the front office (421-4200 x221) if you have any questions.   Thank you.