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Dress Code

Dress Code
  • No exposure of private body parts-including gluteus cheeks
  • No cleavage displayed below the level of the arm pits
  • All top garments must have a strap over the shoulders or around the neck
  • One half of the back must be covered
  • Skirts & slits in skirts must be no higher than "finger tip" length
  • No garments designed to display the midriff
  • No "tube tops," not under a cover-not under any circumstances
  • No undergarments (underwear) visible: panties, boxer shorts, bra straps, grandfather shirts (wife beaters), etc.
  • No "see-through" garments that expose underwear
  • No top garments left open to expose underwear
  • No garments may be worn in a way, other than that for which it was designed (i.e. "fly" zipper unzipped, pants worn below the hips etc.)

Students in violation will perform community service. Continued violation will result in suspension for insubordination. Missed class work will be at teacher's discretion.