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Foundation Donors

Aloha to our Foundation Contributors
Nothing is more important than giving our kids a chance through good education. This is a smart investment in our future and a great way to give something back to our alma mater with personal satisfaction and pride. This is the right thing to do for the education of our Radford students.

Mahalo to the following people and companies for RALLYing 'ROUND RADFORD

Admiral's Club  ($5000 or more) Captain's Club  ($1,000 - $4,999)
Radford High School Golf Challenge Boutiki, F
Chevron, F
Class of '60
Class of '70
Jack & Jan Catton, RP
K-Mart Corp, F
Chief's Club  ($100 - $999) Sailor's Club  ($1 - $99)
Alton Nomura, c/o '74
Bob Stevens, S
Bryant & Lynn Streett, RP
Caroline & Lee Caldwell, S
Class of 2000
Col. Louis and Janet Lancaster, RP
David & Martha Young, RP
Dick & Gerry Koenig, c/o '62
Don Ring, c/o '74
Gary Flaharty, c/o '74
Gerald & Marilyn Hofwolt, F
Hickam Officer's Spouses Club, F
Janeen Olds, c/o '81
Kevin & Barbara Collins, RP
Lanette Kaulu Moleta, c/o '62
Laurel A. Solomon, RP
Mamo Howard Ornellas, c/o '62
Mamo Inc., F
Megan Fox, S
Merlin & Geena DeJongh, RP
Michael & Mutsuko McConnell, RP
Pua'ala McElhaney, S
Radford High PTSO 99-2000, F
Radford PTSO
Ralph Radford, F
Ronald & Myrna Cooper, S
Rotary Club of Pearl Harbor, F
SC Pacific Corp., F
Senator Norman Sakamoto, F
Steven & Myrna Kanemoto, RP
Steven C. Todd, c/o '68
United States Planning Assoc. & Independent
   Research Agency, F
Yvonne Altig, c/o '74
A.S. Wallower, RP
Abel Gonsalvos Jr., c/o '74
Angela Ripley, RP
Clyde Nishimura, c/o '74
Danny Weathington, c/o '74
Frank & Deborah Sizemore, RP
Gloria Borland, c/o '74
Honolulu Country Club, F
Jacqueline Hipa, RP
John & Wanda Tamashiro, RP
Joseph Omura, c/o '74
Kevin & Christina Rude, c/o '74
Kim Tate Buffington, c/o '74
Leon & Wendy Zera, RP
Linda Ferguson-Hudson, c/o '74
Linda Lee (Ling), c/o '74
Lori Ramirez, c/o '73
Mark & Karen Nagasawa, c/o '74
Martin & MacArthur Co., F
Melinda Grant, RP
Michael & Teri Wertman, c/o '74
Michelle Blahnik, c/o 2003
Priscilla Gonzaga Pingree, c/o '74
Robert & Diane Browers, RP
Roy Kawamura, S
Russell Yamabe, c/o '74
Sara Kliewer, c/o '74
Steven & Leslie Richter, RP
Sylvia Chung, F
Tina Howitt, RP
Van's Florring & Tile Inc., F
William Forsyth, c/o '93
William Horn, RP


"c/o" = Alumni
"RP" = Radford Parent
"F" = Friend of Radford
"S" = Radford High School Staff

To join in & Rally 'Round Radford,
Write a check to the Foundation and please indicate your affiliation as "Friend of Radford" or
"class of '____."  If you are making a donation in kind, please call us at (808) 421-4200.

Mail to:
          Admiral Arthur W. Radford High School Foundation
4361 Salt Lake Boulevard
Honolulu, Hawaii 96818