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General Learner Outcomes (GLOs)

Radford High School Students are:

Self-Directed Learners - "I am responsible for my own learning."

I work independently.

I set realistic goals and take necessary steps to achieve them.

I organize and prioritize my time and tasks to meet deadlines.

I recognize and seek help when I need it.

I reflect on my experiences and make adjustments for my learning and growth.

Community Contributor - "I work well with others."

I am a participating member of society who collaborates and contributes effectively.

I show empathy by thinking beyond myself and recognizing emotions of others

I am accepting of and welcoming to others regardless of differences.

I am open minded and respectful to other points of view.

Complex Thinker - "When I need an answer, I can figure out what to do."

I adapt to a changing environment.

I make connections and apply prior knowledge to new situations.

I generate original and creative ideas to solve problems.

I analyze multiple resources and ask questions to gain a deeper understanding.

Quality Producer - "I can tell the difference between high and low quality products and performances and if my work meets or exceeds expectations."

I self assess and use feedback to improve my work.

I take pride in my work and consistently put forth my best effort.

I recognize and produce work that meets or exceeds given expectations/standards.

I use credible sources in an ethical manner.

Effective Communicator - "I read, write, listen, and speak well."

I actively listen, process information, and respond appropriately.

I adjust my language and delivery to my audience and purpose.

I express ideas clearly using a variety of methods.

I ask meaningful and purposeful questions.

Effective and Ethical Users of Technology - "I use a variety of technologies effectively and fairly."

I follow the school and DOE policies concerning proper use of technology.

I acknowledge the importance of my digital footprint and protect my digital well-being.  

I engage in positive, safe, legal and ethical behavior when using technology including online social interactions.

I navigate, organize and utilize various applications for appropriate purposes.