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Track & Field Update

-MAKE UP Parent Meeting - Friday, March 9 at 6pm in room P30.

Student-athletes cannot compete in a meet until a parent/guardian attends the meeting.


-Qualifying Meet #2 will be at Roosevelt High School


-3/2/18 Spring Sports Fundraiser - Mochi Ice Cream Money Due


-2/24/18 Blitz Day canceled 


Radford High School

2018 Track & Field Program


                One of the many goals of this Track & Field program at Radford High School is to make the athletic experience a positive one for the athletes, parents, and those who support our program. To achieve these goals, we must all work together and support each other. Our philosophy is Family, School, Team.  Choices should be made in that order.  Discuss with your family if this program will fit your lifestyle. Everyone needs to be aware and committed to this program to have a successful season. Track & Field is a very individualized sport but it takes a “team” effort to be successful. Our program can only succeed if parent, athletes, coaches, and the administration work together for the benefit of our student-athletes.


Coach:  Elizabeth Patton - work:  (808) 421-4200 ext 340


Program Rules

  1. All school/DOE rules apply.


  1. Practice Schedule Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri 3:30 – 5:30pm; No practice on Wednesdays except Pole Vaulters;

Holidays 8:00 – 10:00am except President’s Day 3-5pm;

Spring Break Monday thru Friday 8:00 – 10:00am including Wednesday


  1. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each practice and all athletes are expected to be on time.
  2. Absence can result in an athlete not being able to compete in a meet. Attendance at the meet is required.  Multiple tardies and absences can result in disciplinary action and may lead to suspension or expulsion for repeat offenders.



  1. Please see or call the coach before missing practice. (i.e. too much homework, study for important exam, injuries, illness). Procrastination is not an excuse for missing practice.
  2. Upon return from absence or tardy, athletes must bring a written note from a parent, teacher, advisor, doctor, or counselor when absent or tardy to practice.
  3. Work cannot interfere with track & field.  If so, will result in dismissal from the team.
  4. Upon removal from team, student-athlete will be notified & parent/guardian will be contacted.
  5. If parents decide to “ground” their child from Track & Field, there is no such thing as being pulled off the team for a week, or a couple of days, once you are gone… are gone.

Study Hall

  1. There will be no “official” study hall. Given that there is no practice on Wednesdays, we recommend our student-athletes use this day for academics.

Grade Checks

  1. Grade checks will be given every two weeks on Monday and must be turned in on Friday.
  2. No grade check, late grade check, incomplete grade check, below 2.0 or any “F” grade will result in non-participation in meets (will still need to attend the meet) or may be dismissed from the team.
  3. If a grade check is forged, the athlete will automatically be dismissed from the team.

Practice and Meets

  1. Attend all practices unless cleared to miss the practice by the coach.
  2. Positive work ethic will help the team to excel, if the athlete is being disruptive or goofing off he/she will be asked to leave practice and this will be treated as an unexcused absence.
  3. All athletes must ride the bus to meets. The Bus Policy - leave with the team and return with the team. As a parent/guardian, please make every attempt to assure that you and your child are able to comply with this policy. Regardless of living in the area of the meet or lateness of completion of the meet, athletes must ride the bus back to Radford.
  4. For the safety of your child, please pick up your son/daughter in front of the training room after an evening meet. I will not allow them to walk home at night.
  5. Emergencies – see a coach and let us know the situation. Clothing must be brought for the student to change out of his/her uniform. The uniform must be given to a coach. If the parent/guardian is not picking up the child, please call the coach and inform us of the situation. Clothing must be brought and uniform given to coach.
  6. Private Vehicles – arrangements must be made one week in advance. Forms must be completed and turned in for approval by administration.

Radford Track & Field Team Schedule



Date                Time               Name of Meet                        Location                     Depart                        Return*

Tue 2/13        6:30pm           Spring Sports Mtg     Radford Gym ALL PARENT/GUARDIAN(S) MUST ATTEND


Sat 3/10         2pm               Qualifying Meet #1    Pearl City H.S.                        12:00pm         9:00pm


Fri 3/16         4:00pm           Velasco Invitational  Radford H.S.               2:30pm           9:00pm


Sat 3/24         2pm                Qualifying Meet #2    To Be Announced         12:00pm         9:00pm


Sat 3/31         8:30am           Ruby Tuesday Inv     Punahou School        7:30am           1:00pm


Sat  4/7          3pm                Qualifying Meet #3    Kaiser H.S.                  1:00pm           9:00pm


Fri 4/13         3:30pm           JV Western Division  Pearl City H.S.                        1:30pm           9:00pm


Sat 4/14         3pm                Vars. Western Div     Pearl City H.S.                        1:30pm           9:00pm


Sat 4/21         3pm                OIA JV champs           Radford H.S.               1:30pm           9:00pm


Thu 5/3          3:30pm           OIA Champs trials     Mililani H.S.                1:30pm           9:00pm


Sat 5/5           3pm                OIA Champs Finals    Mililani H.S.                1:00pm           9:00pm


Tue 5/8          TBA                 Spring Sports Assembly       Radford High School                        TBA


Fri 5/11         TBA                 State Champ Trials    Kamehameha Schools          TBA


Sat 5/12         TBA                 State Finals                Kamehameha Schools          TBA



Report 30 minutes before depart time


All members of the track and field team are expected to be at Radford at the designated reporting time – dressed to compete.  The normal dress is uniform and shoes.  Those on the injury list are expected to support the team and be dressed appropriately.


*approximate return time



Elizabeth Patton

Work phone: (808) 421-4200 ext. 340



Date:       Thursday, December 7, 2017

Time:      Lunch (Meeting will start 5 minutes after bell rings – Please be prompt)

 Where:    P-30



 Requirement:         1)  Hawaii State DOE Physical Examination for Athletes form


See Radford website to download the form

If you do not have a physical – make an appointment NOW!!!



See Radford website to download the form






1st day of practice:           Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Radford High School – Front of Gym


Practice schedule:            Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday


Wednesdays – No Practice = Independent Study Hall


Holidays/Spring break:    Monday - Friday (including Wednesday) 8:00-10:00am




Any questions – contact Mrs. Patton at 421-4200 ext. 340