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About the Transition Center

Radford's Transition Center addresses the needs of new students throughout the school year.  With a carefully designed curriculum, the Transition Center provides preparation and a "safety net" for all transitioning students by offering resources, information, and support to ensure academic achievement in a safe and nurturing environment.


Mission and Vision



Malama I Na Haumana, "Caring for Students," is Radford High School's transition and orientation experience designed to address the needs of our mobile students.  The curriculum is designed to provide preparation and support for all transitioning students to promote academic achievement and a successful adjustment to the Radford community.
Radford's Transition Center is committed to providing a caring, challenging, culturally enriched environment that develops responsible, independent, lifelong learners.  We will empower students and staff to collaborate in the self-directed process of learning. 
Guiding Principles
  • Encourage community and cultural interest with four independent units of instruction
  • Promote peer and social interaction through youth sponsorship and Lunch Bunch
  • Support parent involvement through the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)
  • Provide training for youth facilitators and academic assistance with a part-time teacher program
Transition Center Components
A two-week transition class contributes to making the Radford Transition Center a key resource for mobile students in need of support.
Units of Instruction
Unit 1
Looking at Radford High School
School rules, policies, dress code, bell schedule, character education, clubs, athletics
Unit 2
Adapting to Change and Coping with Stress
Strategies for dealing with stress
Unit 3
The Uniqueness of Hawaii
Cultural Diversity and "Aloha Spirit"
Unit 4
Charting Your Course and Academic Passport
Identify educational goals, develop an educational plan