Geographic Exception


Students residing outside the Radford school district who wish to attend Radford for a good cause may file a request for a geographic exception.  To obtain a geographic exception, a parent must contact the administrator of the school in which they wish to enroll their child.  After reviewing all geographic exception requests submitted between January 1, and March 1, the administration will notify the applicant as to whether his/her request has been accepted or denied. 


Chapter 13.  Relating to Geographic Exception for School Attendance.

8-13-1 Philosophy.  Under Hawaii's laws, all persons of school age are required to attend the school of the district in which they reside.  However, permission to attend another school may be granted by the department as provided in this chapter, with the welfare of the student as a major consideration.  When a student is granted a geographic exception, the student shall belong to the receiving school and shall enjoy all rights and privileges as are enjoyed by other students at the receiving school except as provided by this chapter.

8-13-2 Definitions.  As used in this chapter.

"Applicant" means the parents, legal guardian or other legal custodian authorized to represent the student or an eighteen-year-old student who wishes to apply for a geographic exception.

"Geographic exception" means permission to attend a school other than the student's home school as determined by the student's legal residence.

"Home school" means the school within the geographic area, which the student shall attend according to the student's legal residence.

"Home school district" means the school district in which the student resides.  However, the department shall presume that the student resides with the parent or legal guardian.  In the event the student's parents do not reside together in the same school district, the department may presume that the student resides in the school district in which either parent resides.  A student wishing to rebut the presumption has the burden of proving the student's residence.

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