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The Military Youth Advisory Council (MYAC) was established in 1995 and is composed of representatives from the military base commands of the Air Force, Army, and Navy, School Community Council, military school liaison officers, family service representatives, community leaders, parents, students and Radford Complex principals.  As a result of MYAC leadership meetings, a wide range of valuable resources have been provided to Radford High School and its complex schools.  Programs that include Career Shadow Programs, tutorial services, technical/computer skills, construction of the school’s Local Area Network (LAN), demolition and construction of the Senior Patio, renovation of the athletic concession at Velasco Stadium, the renovation and configuration of four state-of-the-art computer labs and training and support for the Transition Center.  


Policies that were discussed, written and revised with input from MYAC members include Radford Complex Attendance Policy, Radford Complex Parent Community Protocol for Addressing Concerns, Policy and Guidelines for OTC and Prescription Drugs, Athletic Participation Fee, and more.


In 1998 Commands began considering a partnership with the State and MYAC at the time served as a model for the newly proposed Joint Venture Educational Forum (JVEF) a partnership between the military and the State DOE.


MYAC’s objectives are to:  1) discuss and problem-solve concerns from the community; 2) increase members’ awareness of the school’s programs; 3) act as sounding board for ideas; 4) assist the principals in presenting educational programs to the community;  5) solicit input for maximizing opportunities available for the schools and; 6) address issues related to student transition.


Radford student population is comprised of approximately 65% military family members and is extremely transient.  To meet the unique needs of the transient population Radford’s Transition Center (TC) was established to play a key part in helping students adjust to a new school and culture.  In November 2006, TC student facilitators had the distinct honor of meeting with then First Lady Laura Bush to share about our Transition Center.  This program has received national recognition for its service to all transferring students, especially our military dependents.